Employee Focus – Anna Smoliak

Anna Smoliak - Customs Coordinator

Anna Smoliak is a CFSP Customs Warehouse Coordinator based at our Wortley site, Leeds. She describes herself as an eternal optimist and loves to make other people smile.

1. What’s your role?

CFSP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures) Customs Warehouse Coordinator at Wortley, Leeds.

2. How long have you worked for Torque?

Nearly 4 years now, but it has really flown by – I must be enjoying myself!

3. What made you choose a career in Customs?

I was head hunted by my “ex-boss” who knew me when I worked in the warehouse and recognised my talents.

4. Why did you decide to apply for a career at Torque?

Honestly, the main reason was that the premises were conveniently located close to my home. Sometimes you just make right decision by accident! Now that I’m here it’s like working with family “Crazy Family” #SQUEEZE.

5. What’s the number one thing you’ve learnt in your role?

I’ve learned how to work as part of a growing team and share the JOY.

6. What’s your favourite part of your job?

I enjoy every part of my job, because I love it.

7. Do you have a funny or interesting story whilst ‘on the job’?

Every day there’s something that makes me giggle but what makes me happiest of all is to make other people happy.

8. How do you think Torque go the extra mile for their customers?

By bending over backwards for their customers – that’s what we do.

9. Can you tell us an interesting or fun fact about yourself?

I was christened as Hanna at birth but changed my name legally to Anna once I was 16 years old. I also speak Spanish, French, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

10. If you had a boat, what would you call it, and where would you take yourself if you could go anywhere in the world?

It would be called “Renaissance” and I would travel the world helping others and spreading love around.