Our Competition Winners

As the British Summer comes to an end, so has our Great British Summer Photography competition. You captured what the summer meant to you, and we were blown away with the calibre of your entries. The entries were so good, that we will be presenting every participant with a box of chocolates.

Cornwall-Maciej-Gajek-scaled-1 (1) (1)

Maciej Gajek with ‘Cornwall’

£150 Voucher

This was an almost unanimous vote with the judges commenting that it transported them to a place they’d all rather be (with a pint)!


Katie Gatenby with ‘Living on the Edge’

£100 Voucher

The judges noted that they felt the joy and fun in this photograph – what Summer is all about.


Iwona Skibinska with ‘In the Middle of a Truly Magical Place’

£50 Voucher

This photo really captured the beauty and vibrancy of the Lake District. It felt like a breath of fresh air!


Katie Gatenby with ‘Living on the Edge’

£25 Voucher

The judges were impressed with this photograph. It felt as if you were in the car whilst taking in the breathtakingly beautiful scenery.