Employee Focus: Matthew Mearns, Warehouse Manager

Matthew began his career working for Leeds United, then moved into the world of retail working for Nike UK. After that, he moved to Torque and, in his own words, has never looked back! 19 years later, Matthew provides an insight into his long career at Torque and some advice for people looking to progress in the same way.

Read on to find out more about Matthew and his duties at Torque.


What is your role, and can you tell us a little about it?

As Warehouse Manager, I oversee 23 of Torque’s customers and over 150 members of warehouse staff. My role involves guaranteeing that the day-to-day customer requirements are achieved and ensuring the safety of every individual within the warehouse, including visitors and contractors.

How long have you worked for Torque?

It is my 19th year this month! It feels good to be one of the longest servers, you can take a lot of pride in that.

What do you love most about your job?

It’s satisfying to meet the customer needs and build a bond with them. I have made many friends over the years, from work colleagues through to customers who I’m still in contact with. Seeing customers grow and knowing you had a part in that is so rewarding.

How did you progress into your current role?

I started on Stock Control for 5 years and then progressed to Supervisor, Manager, Deputy Manager and now Warehouse Manager. Working with and learning from others is key.

What invaluable thing have you learnt in your role?

Treat everyone with respect and they will treat you the same. You don’t get anywhere on your own and I have certainly had my fair share of help from my colleagues over the years.

What one piece of advice would you give someone who is interested in a similar job?

Just enjoy it! Some days are not as smooth as others, but you always turn that corner.

Can you tell us the funniest or most interesting thing to happen to you at work?

I remember a staff member once took “dress down day” the wrong way, turned up in a 3-piece suit and was picking all day. That was funny to watch! One time we were helping on a stock transfer in London. This stock was stored in a little garage near a park area where occasionally, people would walk in, try some wigs on, then run back out and show them off. Visiting QVC Knowsley was also a good experience.

How do you think Torque go the extra mile for their customers?

We always work around our customers’ needs and react to the different scenarios they throw at us daily. We will always find a way and I think that’s why the customers appreciate us. It speaks volumes that our new customers are generally based on recommendations.

Will you share a fun fact about yourself?

I used to be in a band when I was younger, and we played with Corinne Bailey Rae and also Runston Parva – now the Kaiser Chiefs!

If you could invite 3 people (alive or dead) to a dinner party you were hosting, who would they be, and why would you invite them?

Frank Skinner, Liam Gallagher and Sean Lock. Frank and Sean could provide the comedy whilst Liam could do an acoustic set.