Ask many retailers what makes them most nervous, and the answer might well be the integration and maintenance of their systems and technology, especially in times of change. This is partly because these specialist functions are often outsourced, and partly because they are critical when it comes to running a well-grooved operation. Retail might look simple: the reality is that it’s anything but.

Torque’s in-house tech team have years of retail experience and extensive knowledge of warehousing, fulfilment and processing. Allied to that expertise, we make onboarding easy.

Our team are used to guiding customers through the process, and the same team will be on hand into the future to provide continuity and peace of mind.

Of course, we are familiar with the most popular, common platforms – such as Shopify and Magento – but we can connect with any system. While the thought of changing from your existing fulfilment house might be nerve-racking, in reality, we’ll help you deal with complexity, tackle new ventures with confidence and support your growth.

And because Torque provide a truly end-to-end supply chain service, the only limit to your growth is your ambition. Leave the complexity to us.

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