Time for a tea break?

We’re in the business of customer relaxation.


Our customers can relax, safe in the knowledge that their supply chain is running smoothly, leaving more time to focus on the things that matter. Or a little extra time for a well-deserved break, a cup of tea* and a crossword.

Feel what it’s like to have Torque look after your supply chain. Put the kettle on and take ten minutes for yourself, we’ve even provided the crossword. And because a tea-break isn’t the same without something sweet, enter our prize draw to win a box of marvellously marshmallowy teacakes. Take a peek at the prizes and whet your appetite here.

* coffee, chamomile and other beverages are welcome, but we are from Yorkshire, after all.

How to Play

  1. Click on a box to enter a letter and begin typing.
  2. Keep typing to fill in the row or column.
  3. Once the crossword is completed, click 'Submit.'
  4. A box will appear to take you to the prize draw entry.
  5. You agree to our competition terms and conditions by entering the prize draw.

Direct from Drapers?

Can you beat our fashion-retail-themed crossword below?

If you just want the answers and to enter our prize draw, click below.

Something Sweet as a Tea-Break Treat


Enter our monthly prize-draw to win a box of The Marshmallowist gourmet teacakes. These Vogue-featured teacakes created by French-trained chocolatier Oonagh are the epitome of sweet perfection—soft biscuit bases, fresh fluffy marshmallows, oozing soft centres, and a delicate layer of hand-painted chocolate. Tea-break perfection. And they’re made in Yorkshire.