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Success in pre-retail lies mostly in the planning. At Torque, we have developed a hard-won reputation for trustworthy and efficient processing, from class-leading ozone cleaning to sorting, stickering and everything in between.

We’re driven by quality of service and competitive pricing, but never by cutting corners. Our customers need to be confident they’re getting retail-ready stock in prime condition, which is what we pride ourselves on supplying.

While much pre-retail is planned, it’s the non-planned issues that can be the difference between triumph and disaster. When our customers ask us for help, our instinct is to say yes. Our rectification capabilities have been put to the test time and again, and that’s where we come into our own, with a can-do attitude that our customers love.

If attention to detail and getting it right are crucial to your business, rest assured they’re equally important to ours.

Our service


Extensive service offering for a wide range of goods, with state-of-the-art facilities. Ad-hoc services available

Sorting: breaking bulk, repacking, bagging, labelling and stickering, pick and pack

QC: a comprehensive range of QC testing and inspection services, from random or formal AQL samples through to full order testing and inspection

Finishing: steam tunnelling, ironing and pressing

Cleaning: ozone cleaning, spot and garment cleaning services

Specialist: embroidery, wash care labelling and alterations


We can take care of your processing and pre-retail