Employee Focus: Louise, Sea Freight Manager

Louise began her professional journey in 1989 when as a 16-year-old she took a job with an air freight company. There, she studied (and qualified) for a career in international trade and services.

In 2002 she joined us here at Torque, with over 10 years’ experience under her belt in an import and export department.

Louise has some real insights into what she finds rewarding about her job, and reveals some secrets about her life outside work via some Careless Whispers…


``Treat colleagues with respect – you never know when you will need their help.``

What is your role, and can you tell us a little about it?

Sea Import Manager – Customer Service – Meeting customer requirements offering improved services where necessary; arranging overseas bookings/containers for all Torque customers that require sea import services to the UK and to other countries;
Customs knowledge ensuring customers pay the correct Duty/VAT and adhere to regulations.
My most important role is customer service and supporting staff

How long have you worked for Torque?

18 years (seems like only yesterday)

What do you love most about your job?

The people I work with.
The company is hands on and approachable… you’re not just a number.
My day-to-day work differs and always bring new challenges.

How did you progress into your current role?

I started in the industry at 16-year-old. By the time I joined Torque I had already gained over 10 years’ experience working in export and imports departments in both sea and air

What invaluable thing have you learnt in your role?

I like to think I am good with people and always willing to help others – not just in my department but in others too. I find it rewarding.
I’m good at problem solving and enjoy challenging myself.

What one piece of advice would you give someone who is interested in a similar job?

There is a lot of room to progress and make a career in freight forwarding. Treat colleagues with respect – you never know when you will need their help
Don’t be afraid to push yourself and your ideas forward
Persevere through the bad days as there are many good days to make up for them

Can you tell us the funniest or most interesting thing to happen to you at work?

I can tell you about a surreal incident whilst on a business trip with the Head of Freight to Thailand. We were checking in at the hotel reception when all of a sudden the concierge came rushing in shouting at us to get down on the floor. We were then crouched down behind the reception desk just as the glass front of the hotel foyer came smashing into the area where we were checking in. We were put in a room and left for a short time. The following morning, we found out that the owner of the Hotel used to belong to the Thai Mafia and was now a politician; the smoke bomb was an attack on his hotel, not the people in it, thankfully. It was pretty scary at the time!

How do you think Torque go the extra mile for their customers?

Torque have expertise across the business in freight forwarding, customs, systems, transport and logistics – we can always find answer to any problem.
We help customers to progress their business

Will you share a fun fact about yourself?

I used to be in the Wham fan club………. Sad, I know!
I used to own a horse and enter competitions, I spent weekend training for shows

If you could invite 3 people (alive or dead) to a dinner party you were hosting, who would they be, and why would you invite them?

Robbie Williams – he is easy on the eye
Peter Kay – I find him extremely funny
The third one is difficult. Not so much a person… it would be my family as they are a really good laugh