Welcome to Torque: Paula Cox, Branch Manager

Paula started out in the freight industry 34 years ago and has gained a wealth of experience across a wide range of roles.

As Branch Manager she oversees operations on site and ensures that Torque Customer satisfaction is of the highest priority.

We sat down with Paula to ask her some questions to get to know her better and she shared with us a little about what makes her tick and why she's excited to get her teeth into her new role.

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``Be part of a team – everyone is as important as each other no matter what role you hold.``

Name and role?

Paula Cox – Branch Manager

What’s your background?

I have worked in the freight industry for 34 years doing various roles including imports, exports, courier, air/sea, road, warehousing including ecom and sales.

Can you tell us about your new role at Torque?

As the new Branch Manager I’m here to help bring ideas to the business and work on freight acquisition.

What are you most looking forward to getting stuck in and doing?

I’m excited to build new trade lanes and markets

What drew you to Torque?

I worked with Jonathan Blackney for many years sometime back and liked the ethos of the company.

Why Freight?

I think you will find with many people that freight was not something that people trained for or took exams to enter into the industry, but more fell upon. I find it an interesting industry to work in as every day is different

What is the key thing you’ve learnt over the years in your role?

Be part of a team – everyone is as important as each other no matter what role you hold as without everyone you can’t do your job – from the cleaner to accounts to warehouse and everyone in between.

Will you share a fun fact about yourself?

I signed up for a 50K hike over the highlands of Scotland a while ago, where the SAS train. I did all my training down South and Box Hill was a favourite spot of mine. When I arrived in Ullapool and saw the size of the mountains that I was going to climb, Box Hill looked like a molehill in comparison! – In spite of my shock I completed the challenge in 13 hours 35 minutes although up and over the mountain took 7 hours and the terrain was rough!

Who is your favourite character from literature or a movie?

Forrest Gump – it’s the ultimate underdog story. He’s a simple-minded character who was born with a handicap of sorts, and he manages to get the cute girl, become an All-Star college athlete, attain medals of valour, turns a dream into a multimillion-dollar business and becomes an icon simply by running